Sake from the Frozen North - Day 4, Urakasumi, Shiogama Fish Market and the Shinto shrine

POSTED ON 31/03/2015

Yamagata ShinbunYamagata Shinbun

Yesterday’s rice washing had been great fun, if not for the brewery, and because allowing a group in and involving them in one of the sake-making processes was so exceptional, the story was reported in the Yamagata Shinbun the next day Fortunately my blushes were spared as the photo that accompanied the news story was not the one of me tipping rice into the wrong container but into the rice steamer.

Sake from The Frozen North - Day 3, Thrills, and Spills: Rice Washing at Dewazakura; Soba Making

POSTED ON 30/03/2015

By now accustomed to earlyish morning starts, we were driven at 8.30 am to Tendo City in Yamagata Prefecture for a morning visit to Dewazakura brewery, to be followed by a hands-on soba-making class. I was particularly excited at the prospect of visiting Dewazakura as I have very much enjoyed their sakes in the UK.

Welcome to Dewazakura - sugidama from Japanese cedarWelcome to Dewazakura - sugidama from Japanese cedar
Akari and Shotaro NakanoAkari and Shotaro Nakano

Sake from the Frozen North - Day 2, Yonetsuru and The Snow Monsters

POSTED ON 29/03/2015

Checking out of our hotel on the dot of at 8.20am (well, this is Japan), we took the one-hour drive to Yonetsuru Brewery in Takahata on a chartered bus.
 We had to arrive by 9.30 am because that’s when the rice-steaming starts and rice-steaming waits for no-one.

Yoichiro Umetsu at YonetsuruYoichiro Umetsu at Yonetsuru

Sake from The Frozen North - Day 1, Heading North to Yonezawa

POSTED ON 28/03/2015

Sake Brewery Tours set the scene but could the summary of what to expect live up to expectations?

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