High Society

POSTED ON 19/03/2016

The question for any serious wine lover is not, can you can afford the Wine Society’s £40 lifetime membership but, with £20 off your first order, can you afford not to join? Fringe benefits such as delivery, storage and voluminous tastings aside, TWS demonstrated, with mouthwatering highlights from its Spring collection, that in quality, variety and value, its list is the equal of any in the country.

Crozes – the value Hermitage

POSTED ON 12/03/2016

The French like to say of Crozes-Hermitage ‘La Syrah est ici chez elle’. Roughly translated, it means that the syrah grape is sitting pretty in its natural habitat on left bank of the Rhône River. Here the sprawling appellation of Crozes-Hermitage spreads out behind the Valrhona chocolate town of Tain, surrounding the commanding hill of Hermitage from whose grand and potent wines it takes its name.

The Easter Wine Collection from Lidl

POSTED ON 05/03/2016

On the face of it, there’s little to choose between Lidl and Aldi. They are both as German as schwarzbrot, both discounters place value before beauty and both are serious threats to The Big Four: Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda and Tesco. More to the point, both have substantially upped the wine ante in the last couple of years with credible wine ranges increasingly appreciated by wine drinkers of all classes.

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