Sombreros off to Codorniu's Barcelona Supper Club

POSTED ON 17/11/2011

Last night’s Barcelona Supper Club was a consumer event with members of the public paying £40 for a chance to try their hand at carving jamón, preparing a Catalan dish and enjoying a so-called Fizzness cava ‘masterclass’. ‘It's designed to be an interactive culinary experience celebrating the best of Barcelona and Spain’, Sarah Belizaire-Butler, the account director, had told me before the event.

Why are we waiting?Why are we waiting?

Wine Investment - My Take at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair

POSTED ON 06/11/2011

I was asked to give a talk at yesterday’s forum on wine investment at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair. I felt a reality check might be in order given that the other 5 speakers were likely to be setting out their stalls, namely Simon Staples of Berry Bros., Robert Sleigh of Sotheby’s, James Miles of Live-ex, Peter Lunzer of the Peter Lunzer Wine Fund and Ella Lister, representing Octavian. Hence a focus on the pitfalls rather than the benefits of wine investment.


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